UK and US Projects

ABALON Trust was built on the support of African-American and Black British communities, faith groups, businesses and healthcare professionals creating a network sustainable support to give back to medically underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa and The Caribbean but we also recognise and acknowledge racial, ethnic and cultural health inequalities in our own country, and seek to eliminate them.

Countdown to World Sight Day 2024

ABALON Trust is an innovative, international eye-health charity working with medically underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa, The Caribbean and The United Kingdom.

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Our mission is…
“to create a world where vision is valued and protected, health inequalities are eradicated, and nobody loses their sight from preventable diseases”.

British health inequalities

If you are black and British, you are at 3-4 times greater risk of hypertension than white British people (Chaturvedi N, McKeigue PM, Marmot MG: 1993).  People of Black African origin are up to three times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people of White European origin (Diabetes UK).  High blood pressure and diabetes pose significant risk to eye health, but also COVID-19 and cardiovascular risk.  Black and minority ethnic people have up to two times the mortality risk from COVID-19 than people from a white British background.  24% of all deaths in England and Wales in 2019 were caused by cardiovascular disease in black and minority ethnic groups.

This disparity in health outcomes is echoed in the United States.

UK and US Projects

In order to address these health inequalities that disproportionately impact our community and base of supporters, ABALON Trust also runs health education and promotion projects in the United Kingdom and United States of America.  These projects are typically third-sector, state or government-funded and deliver culturally appropriate information to help our community overcome the health and wellbeing barriers we face.