Volunteering Opportunities

In addition to charitable grants and fundraising, we also rely on people donating their time to support us in achieving our charitable aims.

Countdown to World Sight Day 2024

ABALON Trust is an innovative, international eye-health charity working with medically underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa, The Caribbean and The United Kingdom.

Thursday, 10 October 2024








Our mission is “to create a world where vision is valued and protected, health inequalities are eradicated, and nobody loses their sight from preventable diseases”

Our vision is for ABALON Trust “to be global ambassadors for eye-care working with policy-makers, innovators, researchers and communities to unlock access to high-quality eye care for people living in deprived communities across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Commonwealth”

And we need people to help us achieve this!

We need you to join our team to help us grow, and there are a number of volunteer roles available.


Volunteer opportunities

Eye camps – Each year we run eye camps in communities that do not have access to eye health.  To run these eye camps we need people in the United Kingdom and United States that can coordinate the sending of medical supplies, and eye health professionals, medical students and volunteers to run the camps under the supervision of ABALON Trust representatives.  These roles are highly specialised and highly sought-after, so contact us if you would like to apply.

Project work and operational support – We are looking for volunteers to lead and support projects in the United Kingdom, United States, sub-Saharan Africa and The Caribbean.  This might be office support and logistics.  It could be project leadership.  Either way we would value your time and expertise to help us achieve our charitable aims.

Overseas Medical Electives – Year 4-5 medical students have the opportunity to take a place a placement anywhere in the world.  At ABALON Trust we have an international network of training hospitals that would enable you to train in an overseas health system.  Apply early as places are extremely limited.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer for us.