ABALON Trust relies entirely on charitable grants and public donations to deliver eye health to medically underserved people across our global community.

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Indicative Activity

Your donations will help us to pay the cost of medicines, shipping, single use equipment, training, and eye care for medically underserved people and eye health professionals living in sub-Saharan Africa and The Caribbean, our operational costs and access project sin the United Kingdom and United States.

Some of the costs you will be helping us to cover include:

  • £3 for a child’s eye test
  • £5 for Blood glucose monitor
  • £10 for prescription eyewear
  • £15 to send dry eye products to older people
  • £20 for a box of medicine and consumables
  • £50 for diabetic eye screening
  • £100 for cataract surgery on one eye
  • £4,000 for a named eye camp